Desirae Penton
ERYT 500 - Yoga Alliance
Desirae's journey with yoga in 1997 due to sports injuries. With a dear friend, in the summer of 2013 she opened Hidden Dragon Yoga. Since opening Hidden Dragon she has seen what yoga is truly all about. The community, growth, compassion and love in a studio's space has much more to do with the building. It is the people and fur babies within the walls. #LoveTheJourney
Amy Morris
ERYT 200 - Yoga Alliance - HDYTT
Having spent years as a massage therapist and professional dancer Amy found an immediate connection to the physical aspects of Asana, but was surprised to discover the mental and spiritual peace she had been seeking as well. Amy’s passion to share this unity of mind, body, and spirit is what brought her to HDY’s teacher training program. She is honored to teach and practice with her kula.
Phillip Grundy
200 Hour - Yoga Alliance
Yoga and meditation are such beautiful ways to move energy, learn to let go and bring balance into your life. Phillip's life intention is to be the best conduit for love that he can be, yoga, meditation and life have led him to believe that true strength resides in the vulnerable open heart! Thus, with that intention in your heart, these are tools to lead you to be an open flow of the universes love. He is extremely grateful that he gets to teach and share.
Rachel Gourley
200 Hr - Yoga Alliance -HDYTT
Health and Wellness have always been a part of Rachel’s life. Years of athletics and high impact activities began to take a toll on her body, leaving her with hips that were constantly tight and pain in her shoulders and back.  Seeking relief, she decided to give yoga a try.  After attending a few classes she began to see the benefits that her body and joints had desperately been searching for. She finally understood the mind, body, and soul connection.
Lisa Thompson
200 Hr Yoga Alliance - HDY
Lisa grew up on a cotton farm with three siblings. One of her favorite things on the farm was to watch the sun rise and set. She grew up a Tom boy, and played sports as often as she could. Sports were a way of life, that lead her into fitness as an adult. She is now a personal trainer and teaches a variety of other fitness classes. Yoga became a way to help manage all the other activities in her life! “Use it, or lose it! Motion is lotion! Laugh and laugh often!!!”
Kayci Miller
200 Hr - HDYTT
Kayci believes that yoga does more than improve the health of participants. Yoga also acts as a way to improve self-awareness. It is a path to help people discover who they really are. In her spare time, Kayci enjoys spending time with her family and friends and practicing martial arts.
Skyler Taylor
200 Hr - HDYTT
Skyler began her yoga journey here at Hidden Dragon Yoga soon after we opened. Self described as non-athletic, yoga was the one thing that she finally felt confident about-loving the feeling of progress, and the knowledge that practice makes progress, not perfect. She finds her peace on her mat-a space to breathe deep, look internally, and send a little love externally. She completed her HDYTT and has loved the journey of sharing the practice with others.
Makynzie Morris
200 Hr - HDYTT
Mak's yoga journey began in 2014. She started her practice just as most do from an athletic aspect. When she started to get more out of it then that is when she decided to go threw teacher training. She completed her teacher in 2017 with Hidden Dragon. She found a love and passion for helping people become the best them, they can. Alignment and keeping people safe is also super important to her.
Taylor Phillips
200 Hr - HDYTT
Taylor started practicing yoga to learn how to breathe through the stresses of daily life. She immediately noticed she was becoming physically stronger with improved posture, but it was the changes off of the mat that kept her coming back for more. She found a self-confidence she’d never had and grace for herself and others around her. She let go of the anxieties and became more grounded in the present. She completed HDYTT to deepen her practice and share her love of yoga.
Frances Mooney
200 Hr - HDYTT
Frances found a consistent yoga practice in 2015 after years of feeding poor mental and physical health. Today, yoga has proven to be a source of strength and relief that continues to flow into every corner of her life. She teaches yoga with a reverence to its power, an approachable practice and vibe, and a belief that anyone with a body can (and should) do yoga.
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